Jain International School

Middle Wing

Strong Academics — Inspiring Junior Years

Goals 4E’s • Expression • Exposure • Exchanges • Events

Students of the11-13 year age group are emerging as junior youth and curious young adolescents. They need plenty of academic stimulation and intellectually challenging material. The foundations of solid learning laid here set the stage for academic success in the senior years. We set high but feasible learning goals, and support weak students so that children learn with understanding.

Highly qualified and experienced teachers, who are regularly given in-service training and CPD (Continuous Professional Development), ensure the use of best pedagogic techniques. Students’ interest in academic work is excited by the use of smart audio visual classrooms. Junior years are marked by creative activities such as:

Gaining practical knowledge in the science lab
Engaged minds in the Library
Model Class Presentations help promote talents and instil confidence
Voicing their thoughts over social issues during assemblies
Promoting confidence through joyful activities
We set extremely high standards of academic scholarship. There is an emphasis on learning by doing, especially in science and computing. Students are provided with strategies and the keys to success in Board Examinations
that help them to plan better and study smarter, not just harder. A strong remedial teaching program help weaker students to become secure in their knowledge.

We create a stimulating learning environment that both supports and challenges the individual student.
Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment.

Positively engaging the junior youth