Jain International School


In an attempt to acclimatize a toddler to the environment at school after having spent a cocooned life in the safe arms of his mother, we aim at providing the young ones with love, warmth and security. This ensures that the process of education becomes an experience to be cherished for a lifetime.

The best of Montessori kindergarten Play-way methods are adopted and adapted for the pre-primary level. Audio-Visual aids leave an indelible impression on young minds and to make education a pleasurable experience, the students of pre-primary section have been provided with the facility of home theatres in their classrooms to facilitate teaching learning process. The pre-primary Activity Room is yet another special feature housing an array of activities – play equipment, a doll house, Snakes and ladders, ball pool, sand pit etc., these help in developing the basic skills required for the overall development of the child.

Eligibility Age
Pre-Primary : 2.5 yrs as on 31st March
Nursery : 3 to 4 years as on 31st March
L.K.G. : 4 to 5 years as on 31st March
U.K.G. :5 to 6 years as on 31st March


The confident toddler now steps into the world of formal education. The system of primary education of formal education at St. Xavier World School aims at making this exposure to formal education not a harsh reality but a beautiful experience. The methodology at the primary level ensures assimilation of information, clarity of concepts and a firm growth in all subjects. We subscribe to recognizing and nurturing multiple intelligence such as kinesthetic, musical, visual, interpersonal intelligence for the building of a society where a rich range of talents and abilities are required.

In consonance with the CBSE ideology of relieving students at the primary level from unnecessary education-related stress, we at St. Xavier’s World School use a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system which encompasses the progress of the child in the cognitive, effective and psycho-motor domains.


Having a firm belief in the dictum that education is preparation to meet life’s situations, we lay special emphasis on the student friendly, learner centered teaching methodology, nurture creative and independent thinking and adopt the three language formula. The techno-savvy era has inspired us to teach through technology, with technology and from technology so that the species that emerge after successfully completing classVIII are a final product to plunge into the vast sea of careers. The child is taught not to learn but to comprehend, apply, evaluate and then create.