Jain International School

Pre-Primary Wing

Strong Academics — Pre-Primary Years where Every child is a star!

Goals 3E’s       • Encouragement • Environment • Example of Adults

Jain International School focuses on six aspects of learning that provide a comprehensive framework for a child’s development at the pre-primary level:

  1. Personal, social and emotional development
  2. Communication, language and literacy
  3. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
  4. Physical development
  5. Creative development
  6. Knowledge and understanding of the world

Jain International School is primarily a school for the young child with more than three-fifths of its student body below the age of 11. We believe that the content of education of a young child greatly determines a child’s mind set and personality and ultimately his future success. The school environment is engaging and responsive to a child at each stage of development.

Stimulating Environment: Children perform better in an inspiring environment. It creates a climate of encouragement to facilitate the all round development of every child.

The school provides a joyful and peaceful environment.

Events for Pre-Primary:

  • Inter-school Annual Kids Bonanza
  • Annual Sports Days
  • Arts & Crafts Fairs
  • Cultural Events
  • Model Class Presentations
  • Mothers’Days
  • Nature and Field Trips
  • New Parents Evenings

              We find reasons to celebrate childhood